Dear Ms. Lank,

I want to thank everyone in the C3NY workshop, especially Dr. Swartz; all of you form a great team.

Yes, I passed the exam, and I feel free now; thank you very much for your help.

Your workshop is really worth every single dollar that I spent there. I should have done it from the begining but I was not familiar with your workshop.

I want to say for Dr Swartz that you are completely right: this exam is not about how much you know, it is about how to show your empathy to a human being not just a patient.

I did what you told me and I passed! But you told me that I will be unsure about the result. This was the only thing that I don’t agree with you, because after this workshop I knew that I am going to pass the exam. After I gave my exam I was completely sure that I will pass it, and I did it.

At the end, I want to thank all the team of the C3NY Workshops, especially Dr. Swartz . You are a very, excellent team.

C.Y.S., M.D.China